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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Discover Your Purpose

Learning Lifestyle Challenge #1 is Discover Your Purpose. Without an understanding of purpose, we struggle to set meaningful goals, stick to projects when they get tough, and gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

In this video I guide you through a process of discovering your purpose. It is based on my Learning Lifestyle Challenge #1 slide deck.

Friday, May 8, 2015


It can be easy to forget how effective exercising patience can be. In a fast paced world, we can easily assume every challenge is an emergency. In response, we put pressure on ourselves to immediately do something. In reality, though, few challenges are emergencies - true emergencies - where someone, maybe even yourself, is in immediate danger of either physical, psychological, or emotional harm.

While I subscribe to the maxim, "When in doubt, act." sometimes the best action we can take is no action at all...at least until the time is right. That is what I believe patience actually is - strategically waiting to act in order to have the best chance for maximum effectiveness.

Practicing patience is among the more powerful actions you can take. That may sound weird because patience can be misinterpreted as doing nothing or not caring. Those notions are not true. Practicing patience is among the most difficult actions to take. It is a choice to be present in a situation and allow solutions to be discovered.

Exercising patience is difficult because it requires awareness and purpose. Awareness is only present when you are focused and attentive. A distracted and ignorant person cannot have awareness, thus loses the ability to exercise patience. Instead, this person is faced with only two options. One is to fall back on familiar action that may or may not address the root of the challenge. The other option is to take no action at all which might be sold as patience, but in reality is a hope that things improve on their own.

Purpose grounds you to a path that is fulfilling to you and meaningful to those with whom you interact. While patience often brings clarity to a challenge, purpose allows us to evaluate possible responses and determine which response is more likely to make sense given your desired outcome. Purpose is, in some ways, the rubric with which you use to prioritize a challenge, choose to take action, and determine which possible actions will honor your purpose. Without purpose, every challenge is equally important and requires any action. The results of which could be more stress, the creation of a more difficult challenge, and a feelign that you "can't make any progress" or are "spinning your wheels."

In other words, patience brings clarity to a challenge and the possible actions that are more likley to produce desited results. However, neither clarity of challenge nor optimal actions are possible without having an awareness of what the actually challenge is and a clear vision of what the most desired outcomes are.

When living a learning lifestyle, awareness and purpose are prerequisites to exercising patience when addressing a challenge.