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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wealth Of Knowledge

The wealth of knowledge does not have anything to do with having A wealth of knowledge.


Because knowledge kept to oneself serves little purpose and has virtually no value to anyone other than the holder of the information. The value (wealth) of knowledge is not based on having it. Rather, the value of knowledge is found in sharing it.

Value is created when someone is willing to give something in exchange for something else. The currency can be money, goods in kind, attention, time, etc. Having knowledge does not create value, making your knowledge available so others can improve their own understanding adds to the collective wisdom and, thus, has value - especially in a world where the long tail affects practically all markets (including knowledge).

In essence, the wealth of knowledge is directly linked to the sharing of knowledge, not the storage of knowledge. This act of sharing also creates knowledge for those who were previously less informed.

For those looking to assign value to their educational experience, this logic suggests that reflecting on the opportunities to share and create knowledge may be a good place to start.