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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Suggestions For Teacher Appreciation

There is certainly a wide range of opinions about how to recognize teachers during Teacher Appreciation Day, or in some cases, Teacher Appreciation Week. While the usual recognition of cards, notes, meals, etc. are nice and welcomed by many, I thought I would make a few suggestions from the Thrivapy point of view.

So, here are a few ways to make teachers feel appreciated - Thrivapy style.

1. Students, take the initiative to contact your teacher about something you don't understand. Do not wait for mom, dad, or the teacher to make the first move. Own the fact that you might need a little extra help and ask for it.

2. Parents, allow your child to make a mistake and learn from it without fear of letting you down. Allow the teacher to work through the mistake with your child.

3. Students, ask your teacher this question and follow through on the answer, "What one change to how I approach your class would make the biggest positive impact on my work?"

4. Parents, ask your child's teacher, "How can I best support your work with my child at home?" Then follow through on the answer.

Of course, if none of those are good ideas for you, a vacation home on the beach is always a welcomed gift! Just kidding....maybe.

To all my fellow teachers out there, have a great Teacher Appreciation Week!