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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrivapy Believes...

Those who engage in Thrivapy (students, parents, teachers, etc.) believe...

The the foundation of satisfaction and success is found in one's personal mission, vision, beliefs, and philosophy. This foundation provides the basis from which decisions are made and actions are taken. Without a better understanding of what our purpose is and how we should go about delivering on that purpose, one finds a lack of clarity, confusion, and ultimately, lack of success.

Achievement is driven by goals which result from recognizing what one wants to achieve. Goals are the "children"of one's "foundation family" and emerge as a set of specific, flexible, realistic, and challenging benchmarks of satisfaction and success.

Goals without actions are hopes and dreams.  Taking action, even a single step, is critical to success. Success and satisfaction only exist as a result of taking appropriate action.

In terms of achievement and satisfaction, growth mindsets (ones that place value on effort and development) are more powerful than fixed mindsets (ones that determine value solely on outcomes).

Many of our behaviors are driven my habits. Some habits are useful and help us reach our goals. Other habits are not helpful (even bad) and get in the way.  When habits of behavior align with our goals, satisfaction and success are supported.

Ownership and responsibility are key factors to determining success and satisfaction. Everything we do should meet or exceed our own minimum standard of satisfaction. When things go well, we thank those who helped us get to that point. When we fail, we learn from that experience.

Relationships are critical because, in a connected society, the ability to nurture and engage in mutually productive relationships has tremendous value.

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