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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Somewhere Can Be Hard To See

"Somewhere A" is the place inside you where the you that was eager to learn, got excited at the thought of a new experience, and valued contributing to your team as much as anything else in your work.

"Somewhere B" is the place along the way when you failed. You messed up, maybe royally. You got a bad grade, a lukewarm review, a disinterested response. Your administrator was unsupportive and shamed you. A parent sent you a scathing email, told her carpool line friends how awful you were, or yelled at you in a confence.

In response, you played it safe. Your best friends became the status quo, pessimism towards change and growth, and the snake oil they sell. You retreated to the faculty lounge and bought the stories of those who hid there long enough to seem invisible and whose tenure was based on administration's fear of change more than the merit of their instruction.

Stay too long in "Somewhere B" and you forget "Somewhere A" existed at all. Like Marty in Back to the Future, that person begins to fade away.

If you are a teacher, your school needs you to find your "Somewhere A" and bring that person back to the classroom.

If you are a student, we need you to bring back the person hiding in your "Somewhere A."

The world is too transparent. Any plan that depends on a return to status quo is a plan to fail. Learning is change and change can only exist in "Somewhere A."

Maybe this is why I think summer break (or any extended pause) is valuable. It gives you time to reflect on your work, forgive yourself for your mistakes, forgive those who wronged you when you made them, and focus your sights on finding your "Somewhere A."

If you do nothing else this summer to prepare for the coming school year, do that!

Need help? Find a colleague or friend and ask them to join you in your search. Sometimes an extra set of eyes makes it easier to see "somewhere."