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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dining on the Soup of Imperfection

Among the many challenges facing students and teachers is how to remain motivated to do better work while realizing:

1. Often, you are defined by what you do.

2. What you do may not always be a true reflection of your authentic self.

Somewhere in this "soup of imperfection" lies the struggle between our natural desire to help others (or at least not hurt them) and the reality that, as imperfect beings, we are destined to act in ways that will be considerd undesirable to some.

Maybe those who find more satisfaction and success in their work have figured out how to "dine on this soup." They learn from their experiences. They are wise enough to know whose opinion matters and listens to those opinions. Their purpose is clear to them and their actions communicate that purpose clearly to those around them.

Sometimes, the best we can do is to take each day as:

1. An opportunity to do better work.


2.  An opportunity to help someone else in their work.