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Monday, July 8, 2013

Thrivapy Explained In 5 Statements

Explaining Thrivapy can be difficult.

Often, I find myself describing what it is not instead of what it does. That, as expected, is not the best or most enchanting way to educate someone about what Thrivapy can do.

So, from time to time I like to reflect on the principles upon which Thrivapy is built and explain Thrivapy within a predetermined set of parameters. For this current exercise, I chose to come up with 5 sentences that capture some essential elements of Thrivapy.

1. Thrivapy honors the individual by guiding participants to discover the foundations upon which they base their values, efforts, decisions, and actions.

2. Thrivapy encourages clarity and purpose by guiding participants in setting appropriate goals and aligning actions with those goals.

3. Thrivapy respects the inherent dignity of each person by assisting participants in finding their path to success and satisfaction.

4. Thrivapy believes anyone can be better at anything they choose to commit to doing by nurturing a deep appreciation for growth mindsets.

5. Thrivapy "raises the tide by which all boats rise" by specifically addressing the universal value of sharing, nurturing connections, and building relationships.

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