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Monday, August 12, 2013

When to Not Walk the Talk

Generally, walking the talk is a good strategy. It means taking action on stated goals and beliefs. After all, a goal with no action is nothing more than a hope or dream.

However, there are times when not walking the talk is the better idea.

If you are frustrated, venting, or in a moment when your authentic self falls victim to your lizard brain, it may be better to let the moment pass. This is not the same as quitting. Knowing when to "strategically refocus" is a different concept.

Here is the difference.

- When your goal is genuine and generous, "stand the talk" when the talk "runs away from the goal."

- If your goal has become an anchor weighing you down from doing your most generous and genuine work; when the goal started as generous, but is now only serving your own ego, it is time to "strategically refocus" - quit and redeploy your resources (time, energy, etc.) into goals that matter.

From my own experiences as a football player and coach, I adopted a "when in doubt, attack" maxim for leadership. But experience has taught me that sometimes the best action I can take is to decide to take no action at all. 

Wisdom and prudence can often win the day.