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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Awareness x 3 = ?

There are three "awarenesses" that I try to keep in mind when helping students. Each awareness could have a significant role in the challenge the student is trying to address and the advice I offer. Examined together, these awarenesses may provide a clearer path to success.

Awareness #1: Academic Awareness

Academic Awareness is the overall level of academic maturity the student has developed. This includes qualities such as intellectual curiosity, attention to details, level of content mastery, organizational skills, time management skills, and ability to function as an independent learner.

Awareness #2: Social/Emotional Awareness

Social/Emotional Awareness describes how well the student regulates emotions as well as his ability to be emotionally aware of others; being able to reflect on his own feelings as well as demonstrate empathy towards others. How does the student handle failure, success, minor set backs, triumphs, and opportunities to share? 

Awareness #3: Physical Awareness

Physical Awareness is being sensitive to any physical challenges or limitations that may contribute to the issue at hand. These can be as general as the temperature in the room or as specific to a sensory impairment. Is there enough space to allow the student to perform the task? Does the student have the strength and coordination (fine motor, gross motor, etc.) to thrive and grow according to expectations? Is there a physical roadblock to overcome in order tone successful?

The more aware you are of the circumstances a student is facing, the better equipped you are to make  decisions and offer support that is aligned with the actual challenges the student is trying to address.

Awareness x 3 = better support