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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sharing vs. Showing

There is a difference between sharing and showing.

Sharing is an act of generosity. It sends the message that you, the sharer, have enough. Sharing attempts to level the field and bring someone into your circle as an equal.

Showing is different. Showing is guarded. You may actually tell along with the show, but that is about as far as it gets. No touching. No interaction. Possession is on display.

Of course there are times when showing is better than sharing. I am glad the zoo shows the dangerous animals and doesn't allow them to roam freely to feast on unsuspecting patrons.

On the other hand, most relationships today are enhanced by sharing. Generosity is the currency of the connected world/economy. This is as true for students and teachers as it is for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Sharing your understanding of a concept, putting your theories on display, sharing your vulnerabilities, risking less than perfect systems, and learning from those experiences creates knowledge. It is a social function. It is what I believe is, ultimately, the purpose of education.

Showing what you know may earn you a grade.

Sharing what you know creates knowledge.

There is a place for both. The art is in knowing where that place is.