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Friday, September 20, 2013

Teachers Do Not Create Learners

From time to time, I see articles that speak of creating learners. These include all types of learners such as 21st century learners, life long learners, etc. While some of these articles have some nuggets of wisdom buried in them, I am usually turned off by the notion of teachers "creating" learners.

Frankly, I cannot stand the terminology.

Here are two reasons why.


Some of the same sites, organizations, and writers who share thoughts on creating learners also tend to express their dislike of the factory model of education. Factories create things. Either your opinion is in the creation camp or not. Using the same vocabulary is confusing at best, hypocracy at worst.

You don't need to create something that already exists

We are all learners. With each passing day, we all learn something. Until out brains stop working, we learn. It doesn't need to be created.

So, if not learners, what do teachers create?

Here is a short list. Feel free to leave a comment with your own suggestions.

- Opportunities to learn
- Safe environments to explore
- Enthusiasm for learning
- Forums to share and create knowledge