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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Truth About Practice

Here is the truth about practice. For some readers, this may make you uncomfortable because what you are about to read may call into question almost everything about practice you have been told.

1. Practice does not make perfect.

Perfection is not the standard of satisfaction because it simply is an impossible standard to reach and maintain. This doesn't imply having low standards, only realistic ones. No amount of practice will make perfect because we cannot achieve it.

2. Perfect practice also doesn't make perfect.

Another misconception is that perfect practice makes perfect. This is, essentially, the same statement as #1. Therefore, this statement is not true for the same reasons as #1, the focus is on perfection.

3. Practice simply makes you better.

Here is the reality about practice: 

Practice makes you better. That's all. Want to be better at math? Do more math. Want to be a better writer? Write more. Want to be a better hitter? Take more swings.

Whether it takes 10,000 hours to become excellent is not the point. The point is, "What are you committed to improving and are you willing to work hard to get better?"

Decide what you want to do better and practice it. Sure it may be hard work and you may get frustrated, but that is what it takes to improve.