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Friday, October 18, 2013

8 Questions Every Successful Person Can Answer

Two of the most enchanting aspects of my work are the opportunity to better understand people and how I can help them discover the next better version of themselves. That understanding and discovery is often learned by asking questions. 

Over the years, a number of such questions have emerged that, depending on the clarity and specificity of answers, tend to predict who is experiencing higher levels of success and who tends to be the most challenged to find success. The more clear and specific one is able to answer these questions, the more likely they are to have found higher levels of success.

In no particular order, here are those questions.

1. Why are you here?

This question is about purpose. The answer is often the bias upon which many decisions need to be made. For students, are they in school to receive an education or produce an educated body of work? Are teachers in school to show how much they know or demonstrate how much they care?

2. What is your ideal situation?

In other words, describe your work, life, art, etc. if all barriers to achievement were removed. This is not intended to describe perfection. Rather, given what you know and are capable of doing, what is the highest form of satisfaction and success you can imagine? 

3. What is preventing you for realizing that ideal?

Once you have an answer to the previous question, this follow up asks you to identify the items that get in the way of reaching that ideal. It should be noted that, sometimes, the items getting I the way are enjoyable items - things you like to do. 

4. How can you overcome those items?

Now that you have an idea of your ideal AND have identified items that might get in the way of that ideal, you need to create potential ways to overcome those roadblocks. Some ideas will be better than others, but the exercise of finding solutions will kick start your creativity and make you feel more empowered. Remember, your ideas can include the help of others.

5. What is your greatest and most recent success?

Often, we can get in the habit of focusing solely on our failures. There is certainly value in reflecting on how to improve from failure, but do not forget to celebrate and recognize your successes. What from those 
successes might be transferable to your next goal?

6. Currently, what is your greatest challenge?

You only have so much energy and time to pour into any 
one effort, choosing which challenge to allocate resources is important. Take the time to properly identify the challenge in most need of your attention.

7. Who is on your team?

This question is part of #4. We all need help from time to time. Knowing who you can count on for help AND what kind of help those people can offer is a useful way to stay motivated and supported.

8. What can you do right now that will make the greatest positive impact?

At some point, you need to begin taking action. Why not right now? Putting into motion something, even a small movement, that can have a positive impact builds momentum and sends the signal that you are committed to finding greater success, not just thinking or talking about it.