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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is It Work or a Work in Progress?

Students and teachers,

How do you feel about your daily experiences at school? Is it work or a work in progress?

Work is labor, tasks, directions, assignments, a list of expectations to meet. Do them, check them off a list, and move on. Work with no purpose (or at least a purpose that doesn't extend beyond someone else's goals) is frustrating. It seems to lead nowhere and has no observable benefit to the laborer.

Work with no purpose takes advantage of others. It does not respect time, effort, or potential.

Work with no purpose is selfish and builds a culture of distrust.

A work in progress takes time, reflection, adjustment, calibration, and growth. A work in progress is work with a purpose that is aligned with the goals of the laborer.

A work on progress respects individual contributions, values effort, and rewards the resilient.

A work in progress fosters trust because progress is measured by the observations and feedback of others. It requires trust and honesty to thrive.

Sometimes, we need to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. After all, there is work to be done. Some of it is good work. Work with meaning. Work with purpose. Work that helps us discover the writer, artist, actor, scientist, or athlete lurking just beneath the surface. Work that allows us to share what we know and create knowledge.

Hard work is a good thing...when it has meaning.