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Sunday, October 6, 2013


We tend to measure what matters most to us. Some of these items are relatively easy to measure, especially in schools. 

Here is a short list of things readily and easily measured:

1. Attendance
2. Behavior (mostly instances of misbehavior)
3. Test scores
4. Report card grades
5. Awards (honor rolls, extracurricular achievements, etc.)

There are, however, other aspects of one's educational experience that are more difficult to measure. The degree to which they matter might be related to the effort you put into measuring them.

Again, another short list for your consideration:

1. Kindness and empathy
2. Relationship building
3. Self esteem
4. Happiness/joy of learning
5. Maturity/independence

The former list is easy to measure. There are tests and/or obvious methods that can reported in specific terms.

The latter is not as easy to measure. They involve more qualitative methods, sometimes informal, that are not as simple to report or understand.

There is an additional challenge when you try to use measurements for one aspect of education to report on another. For example, whether or not you are satisfied with your school experience cannot be measured by how often you earned a spot on the honor roll.

In my experience, there are basically three things students, teachers, and parents want from an educational experience: to learn, to be safe (physically and emotionally), and to be happy. Measuring only one of the three ignores two thirds of the experience. The methods for measuring the other two can be informal and difficult to report, but should be considered.