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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Filling Your Learning "Buckets" With Technolgy

Just about every lesson in school, from both the teacher and student perspective, includes these four functions: gathering, recording, creating, and sharing. Regardless of topic, these functions are present in many learning opportunities.

Gathering: Collecting or finding information that could be useful.

Recording: Making notes, drafts, or reflections on the gathered information in a way to organize thinking, prompt recall, or synthesize relevant information.

Creating: Designing a piece of work that is yours and demonstrates understanding based on your recorded information.

Sharing: Providing your work product to an audience for the purpose of getting feedback and creating knowledge.

As I help teachers with technology integration (the faculty at the school I serve is preparing for the next phase of our iPad integration), I have found that keeping those four "learning buckets" at the center of the conversation has been very helpful. It has kept teaching and learning as the foundation of the discussion instead of apps and devices. In other words, instead of going on a "wild app chase" we are discovering possible ways to enhance what is already being done.

What does gathering look like when we use technology?

How can we record our ideas, reflections, notes, thoughts, etc. using iPads?

What can students create to demonstrate understanding with these devices?

How should we share feedback in a way that is meaningful and useful using technology?

Relating new functions to existing ones is a good way to help break an unfamiliar or difficult task into manageable parts. Exploring how technology can fill these four "learning buckets" may help keep learning at the center of your journey.