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Friday, June 6, 2014

Mall Maps

.., subway guides, airport directories, Google maps, etc.

People with a destination in mind have a need to know where they are as they move along. Knowing where you are not only validates that you are on the right course, but also helps with time management and making related decisions. For example, the blue triangle navigating you in Google maps on your cell indicates that you will arrive at your destination in 20 minutes. You are also geting hungry. Is it worth stopping to eat or can you wait until you arrive? 

What if your ETA was 40 minutes?

60 minutes?

90 minutes?

Of course, the degree of flexibility for arriving may factor into your decision. The difficulty in getting back on course is also a potential issue. It is easier to detour and get back on track if you are driving than if you are taking a subway or bus. If you are flying, late is not an option.

The same thinking is important in schools. Teachers need to know where they are in their professional practice. Students need to know where they are in their learning.

Without clear goals or destinations, however, knowing where you are is virtually meaningless.