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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Technology, Projects, Knowledge Creation Are "Bearly" Educational

At one point in history, there were, essentially, only two options for dealing with bears. One was to attack them (hunt and kill) in hopes of ridding the forest of potential danger. The other was to stay out of the woods to avoid a potential bear attack.

Over time, other options such as capturing, studying, observing, and learning about bear behavior provided better opportunities to coexist.

People even put bears in zoos and circuses - which in some ways is a signal to the rest of humanity that we should not fear the bear as much as respect it.

Sure, bear attacks are terrible and still happen. However, they are very rare and do not seem to prevent nature enthusiasts from venturing out.

The reality is that we do not want bear-free woods. We have come to accept and expect the bear to be a part of nature. We probably would struggle to imagine a forest scene without bears in it somewhere.

Accidents happen. People sometimes are unlucky. We even do careless and reckless things that make a bear attack more likely. However, a bear-less forest would be a significantly less enchanting place.

Now, think about technology use, project based leaning, and knowledge creation in schools.