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Friday, July 11, 2014

3 Options When Helping a Frustrated Teacher or Student

If you are going to seek help from an administrator, teacher, or colleague with a challenging situation, the person helping you has, basically, three options from which you can choose.

1.  The helper can provide a safe place for you to vent frustration and "get it off your chest."

2.  The helper can provide advice and/or coaching so you can address the challenge yourself.

3.  The helper can take action and solve the challenge for you.

There are, however, a set of implications that go along with each choice.

If you choose to vent frustration, you are agreeing to not bring that specific situation up again as a point of frustration. The vent choice implies that the venting is the solution you need to get past the situation. Bringing it up over and over again means venting was not the solution. 

Option #2 empowers you to take ownership with the support of an administrator, teacher, and/or colleague. The implication here is that you actually address the issue. Do not leave it unattended.

The third option is the one many people want until they hear about the implication. Option #3 implies that the party on the other end of the frustration (the one who needs addressing) is probably going to know you went to the administrator, teacher, or colleague for help. Anonymity is almost impossible, even if the person helping never uses your name.

Keep in mind that once you share a problem with a colleague, teacher, or administrator, you bring them into the problem - you actually "share" it. That is not a bad thing, if you understand your options and their implications. Most administrators, teachers, and colleagues are happy to help, but what can be done to help may be limited and should be agreed to after exploring the best possible choice for an effective outcome.

Thanks, GW, for your suport this year and for inspiring this post.