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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Student Success Tips

I recently kicked off the 2014-2015 school year. During my welcome back address, I offered the 5 tips outlined in the above picture.

1. Have a purpose.

To get the most out of your school year, you need to have a purpose - an answer to, "Why are you here?" If your answer is because you have to go to school or that a parent dropped you off at the front door, you do not have an answer.

A purpose is a reason greater than yourself. Here are some suggestions:
  • to get better
  • to help someone else get better
  • to create knowledge

2. When in doubt, ask.

Do not let a fear of asking questions get in your way. Choosing how to ask or when to ask might be a challenge, but whether or not to ask at all shouldn't be. 

3. Set a standard for satisfaction.

Here is a hint. The standard can't be perfection. At what point can you look at your work and feel satisfied with your efforts? This requires you to know what improvement and better looks like, which could be quite different depending on the level of difficulty involved.

We are too quick to see the flaws in our work. Strike a balance by working as hard to find satisfaction also.

4. Know who is on your learning team.

Nothing worthwhile is accomplished in isolation. All challenges are, at some level, overcome by a team effort. Sure, individuals can be given credit, but they almost always benefitted from collaboration or by learning from others. Knowing who is on your team and what those members bring to the table will help you overcome many obstacles and find greater success.

5. Make a WISH list.

A WISH (When it seems hard) list helps you identify potentially challenging spots in your learning experience and provides action steps to help you continue moving forward in the face of these challenges. More about WISH lists can be read here.