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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Priority Crisis Intervention

The challenges of teaching are numerous. One such challenge is dealing with the pressure to "cover the material" in the curriculum (textbook) while being sensitive to students' needs. Those needs often translate into changing the pace of the course in a way that puts "completion" at risk.

If you begin to experience this priority crisis challenge, consider the following.

When was the last time a textbook publisher or their sales representative personally thanked you for helping them get through a difficult lesson?

When did they share a smile or flash a look that told you that they are proud of their work and appreciative of your part in making that happen?

How often do you arrive early and stay late to support their annual subscription goals?

When the book changed editions, did you cry?

How often has your former sales rep come back to visit or write a note of thanks?

The next time you feel the pressure to prioritize "getting through the book" ahead of the needs of the student, look at these questions again and remember why you are called teacher.

Resources have their place and that place should never be confused with the purpose you serve.