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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Teaching and Learning Is a Process

Currently, I am reading Show Your Work: 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity And Get Discovered by Austin Kleon.

There is a chapter titled, Think Process, Not Product, that is currently inspiring some thoughts. Specifically, there are 2 messages that are responating with me as I reflect on the book and how it relates to education:

1. The work is all that's happened in the day. It is a process, not a thing (p. 34).

2. Process is messy (p. 37).

Some thoughts:

- The feedback we get (grades, comments, suggestions, etc.) is, or should be, speaking to our process.

- The work we do is a window into our process.

- If how we work determines what our work produces, then if we want to improve our product, we must make the process the center of discussion.

- Look at a piece of work. The question being asked should be, "How did you do that?" not, "What did you do?"

- Part of the effort to produce quality work involves your ability to clean up the mess created by the process before sharing the product.

- Your product is feedback on your process.