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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Irreplaceable Nature of Teachers and Students

You are not a cog.

Cogs keep the machine moving. They are replaceable. One wears out. One is put in.

Cogs cannot...

  • choose to smile more.
  • be more generous.
  • find ways to improve their art.
  • bring more enchantment to their work.

You can.

Sure, you may do the same job as someone else, do the same homework assignment, or teach the same course, but your art is your art. You have tremendous input into the overall experience one has when interacting with you.

A school loses a student and adds a student. A teacher leaves and another is hired. These events are part of the natural ecosystem of school operations, not a statement of the repplaceability of the participants.

When the new student arrives, we expect that student to be herself, not the student who used to sit in that desk.

New teachers are not hired to be the "new Mrs. X." You were hired because you are needed to be you. You are expected to bring your own talents to the work at hand, not to be a clone of the one no longer with the schools.

Whose name in on the contract? The class roster? What does that mean to you? What should it mean to us?

Welcome to the team. Now, show us what you can do.