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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pick Your Battles Wisely

1.  You may not be able to pick your administrator.

2.  For the most part, you cannot pick your students.

3.  Related to #2, you cannot pick their parents or family situations.

4.  You may have picked your subject, but probably have limited influence on curriculum.

The four items above, when not supporting your work as a teacher, can easily become a recipe for frustration. In those moments, I am sure you would prefer to replace one of the above items with a more supportive version of the same. However, what you really need is a little serenity.

Invest your time and energy where it matters most and where it has the best chance to make a difference. Refocus on the purpose: learning and sharing knowledge. That is where you are the most empowered and effective.

Listen to the voices that are rising up. Reframe each message into one upon which you can deliver. Answer the question, "How does this relate to and/or can be used to help me provide better opportunities for students to learn and share what they are learning?"

You need to pick your battles wisely. Is there a better place for teachers to invest time and energy into than learning and knowledge creation?