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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Current Or Relevant?

Working to stay current is fun. You meet other motivated people who share interests with you. You can learn from them and share what you know with them. It is knowledge creation in action. You also gain confidence and build a professional portfolio that inches you closer to linchpin status at your school.

Fighting to stay relevant is the other choice. However, the numbers in that camp are dwindling and the ones that remain are too busy with their own fights to help you with yours. Essentially, even if you don't feel it, you are alone.

Sure, you can try to fake it. You can put up the image of staying current; doing just enough to stay one step ahead. The problem is that change runs faster than your ability to maintain your mirage. If you put half as much energy into staying current as you do trying to stay relevant, you might be amazed to see the impact it hasd on your students - and your level of enchantment with your work.

Create more knowledge.