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Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting Useful Feedback

There is, sometimes, a difference between what we need to know and what we want to know. When it comes to getting feedback about our work, we tend to lean heavily on the "want to know" side.

While much has been written about the art of giving feedback, I struggle to see much in the way of advice about how to get it. Even rarer is reading something about how one can take ownership of getting useful feedback instead of hoping to receive it.

If you are doing work that matters, getting useful feedback is critical to your growth and development. Thus, this feedback is vital to the success of your meaningful work. If your work matters and you are committed to growth, the questions in the image above can help you take ownership for your development.

In the spirit of this post, I am asking readers of The Thrivapy Blog those same questions about my writing. If you are so inclined, I would love to hear from you. Simply email me (troy@thrivapy.com) your answers to the questions above. I would be profoundly grateful for your assistance.

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