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Thursday, January 8, 2015

"All of the above" - The Choices We Make

A few thoughts based on the image above (assuming you believe the answer):

1. Educators - be more human in class and allow the students to be human as well.

2. Students - You are not a machine, though at times you may feel like your parents and teachers think you are. Take time to include all of those characteristics into your life. You will find it more rewarding.

3. Parents - Every person involved in your child's life is...a person. Embrace the partnership and seek to promote all of the above - not just the learning (which usually only happens when the other 3 items are present as well).

Schools, essentially, are organizations created by humans to help other humans become better humans. Unlike industrial model factories, schools do not make products. Schools create knowledge; the result of making connections between individual pieces of information. There is a social and emotional component that drives this work and whenever one seeks to inspire other people, there must be recognition of what it is to be a person.

Be more human.

Create more knowledge.