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Monday, February 9, 2015

A Learning Lifestyle

As a younger teacher, I remember when the buzz term around education being "lifelong learner." I also remember not really knowing what that meant was or how to model it for students. After all, it had to mean something other than actually being in a class one's whole life.

I also look back and think that the concept of "lifelong learner" was intimidating, especially for a child in school. Think about it. No matter how much students like going to school, the thought of one day not being in school can be quite attractive to a young person.

The concept of lifelong learning is appropriate and should continue to be a part of what schools attempt to inspire in children. To do this, I suggest re-framing "lifelong learner" into a "learning lifestyle" that evolves from the formulation of the habits and mindsets in the graphic above.

What do you think? How do those items appear in your own life? Your class? Your expectations of students?