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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How Tough Is Your Challenge?

Frankly, the idea for the image above was a spur of the moment thought that popped in my head instead of a deeply reflected upon concept. I debated whether or not to publish it after I was done, but ultimately felt that it might help someone.

I am not anti-textbook. I am also not anti-teacher development. The image above was not intended to promote either or those messages. It was, however, intended to bring to light a challenge that many educational leaders deal with more often that they would like. That challenge is the lack of deep reflection on professional practice and a minimal personal commitment to owning one's professional development.

Struggling teachers need suppport. They need guidance. They need coaching. Yes, maybe the text based resources are insufficient, outdated, and in need of replacement. However, the heart of good teaching is not found in a textbook. It is found in the relationships built between teacher and student and in a commitment to a professional growth mindset.

Following the map or directions might get you to a destination, but it does not guarantee an enchanting journey for your passengers. If the destination is your goal, that may be enough. Great teaching, though, involves much more than getting to a destination. It is more often about the journey and the process.